Waist trainer- a fashion statement

Everyone is trying to follow the footsteps of famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and trying to make a bold fashion statement by wearing corsets.

The Victorian era garment is back on the block and no one is hesitant in proving that they are the real deal.

This piece of garment makes the waist look thinner and pops up the curves giving that hourglass look everyone digs.

Soon after Kim and Kourtney, Jersey Shore’s J-Woww and Snooki, Luisa Zissman and Danielle Lloyd also joined in and guess that’s when we all knew that Victorian era’s pieces are back.

Though the literary world will never forget the Victorian era, the fashion world did. However, it is bringing it back now for the purpose of fitness or for marketing a hoax product.

Waist trainers can be worn outside and inside of your clothing. When you wear them inside your clothing, claims have been made that they enhance the body shape. If they are worn outside your clothing, they give a wowing look as well, not only adding to the body but also to the clothing.

The corsets can be bought in various fabrics, textures, colors, styles, and what not! So whatever you’re wearing, you can wear a corset. When it comes to sizing always pick up the right waist trainer for you , if you however  are looking for a good plus size waist trainer , keep an eye on the fabric , because different fabrics have different stretching limits.

And hey, that way, we’ll be Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

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